Woodland scene
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1) Trail running requires you to be very aware of your surroundings; the uneven and unpredictable terrain can improve core strength, balance and proprioception.


2) Lifting awkwardly-shaped objects (such as bits of tree) works more muscles than lifting the same weight in the gym – giving you a more challenging workout.


3) We work on almost all the components of fitness so you will get an excellent, well balanced, full-body work out.


4) We do most of our sessions in the woods and it has been proven that exercising outdoors, particularly near trees, calms the mind, body and soul.


5) The colour green has been found to be soothing to humans; indeed some cultures regularly get outside to ‘bathe’ in the green light filtered through tree leaves.


So it is fact: Running Wild will benefit you both mentally and physically!

Exercise + outdoors + trees = happy

5 reasons to give Running Wild a go...


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