What is Running Wild?


Running Wild is for people who want to enjoy exercising outdoors. It is not based on ground-breaking research or the latest exercise craze; it is just about re-capturing the joy of being outside, running around and working hard.


Each session is varied and will help you to improve strength, agility, power, balance, flexibility and, of course, cardiovascular fitness.  We do have a few stock sessions that are repeated every four to six weeks and allow you to gauge your improving fitness.


We make use of the natural terrain as much as possible – using fallen trees for jumping and balance, logs for lifting and hills and uneven ground for strength and agility. We also use other equipment: ropes, tyres, kettle bells and sand bags for circuit-training sessions. And, sometimes, we just go for a run. Please have a look at the ‘Photos’ page for an idea of what we do.


Running Wild is suitable for most fitness levels and everyone is able to choose the pace that they work at. However, you should be able to jog comfortably for at least 10 minutes to be able to get the most out of it. If you are in any doubt about your fitness levels, please contact us.


Running Wild was founded by Jennifer Hoodless who is a personal trainer, a movement therapist and running instructor. Renae Busse recently joined the Running Wild team, Renae is a personal trainer and strength and Olympic lifting instructor.




Click here for five good reasons to try Running Wild.

"Get out of the gym and in to the outdoors."

Running Wild is fun.

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