Learn to run

I really enjoy helping people learn to run and it is one of the most rewarding aspects of what I do.


Having started running when very unfit and overweight, I know how difficult it is. Even running between one lamppost and the next seemed like a marathon and I couldn’t imagine how I would ever learn to love running!


But I do love it now, I completed a marathon in 2012 and run with the dog as often as I can.


Many people I speak to have reached their own personal ‘running barrier’. It might be two minutes, four minutes or even 20 minutes but they can’t seem to get over it. So if you want to learn to run or need help breaking through your running barrier, please get in touch.


One-to-one running session lasting 60 minutes costs £40.


Gait analysis session lasting 90 minutes costs £60.


Six week learn to run course costs £230 and includes a gait analysis session, a personalised running and exercise programme and five one hour sessions with me.  



Please contact me for more information.