Gait analysis

Gait analysis is useful for both beginners and seasoned runners. It is particularly useful if you haven’t run for a long time and are looking for a confidence boost to get you back out there!


We all run slightly differently and the goal of gait analysis is not to dramatically alter how you run but to make a few small tweaks to improve speed and efficiency, reduce injury risk and make your running more enjoyable.


I will film you running on a treadmill (which is not as good as running ‘free’ but is very useful for observation purposes). We will then analyse the footage together and discuss what we find before going through some technical drills and exercises. Finally, you will get a chance to put your new skills into practice and we will film you again so that you can see the difference.


You will also get a running guide to take away with you that will include your individual technical points.


A gait analysis session usually lasts 90 minutes and costs £60.


Please contact me for more information.